Best Animated Backgrounds for Windows in 2020

By | December 7, 2019

Are you willing to improve the looks of your Windows 10? Are you willing to upload a static animated background for Windows?

If yes, this guide will lead you towards the best one. You might have seen someone’s desktop with live wallpaper or animated backgrounds. It seems interesting, right? Animated backgrounds are actually the things that offer a feel of realism and make your computer screen even more interesting. Before going further with the animated background options, we would like to clear one thing that such features consume a lot of space on your Windows and if you are feeling short of space on your Windows, you are not supposed to get such options over there. We are here with the best animated backgrounds for Windows that will simply make your computer screen even more interesting.

best animated backgrounds for Windows 2020


It is one of the leading names in the list of best animated backgrounds for Windows that offers an amazing look to your desktop. Rainmeter is highly customisable app where you can easily use number of widgets and features. Users are absolutely free here to enjoy number of features, widgets, skins and much more. Interface is quite simple and easy to go on. You just have to navigate the instructions being provided there on the screen. Moreover, you can also collect information like a variety of stats, computer systems, social feeds, and stock quotes, etc. from the right side of your desktop.

Sim Aquarium 3

If you love to explore the aquatic life, Sim Aquarium 3 is an animated background you must try on your Windows. The slow-moving fishes and the gurgling sounds really look quite amazing. The interface and configuration are quite easier and will hardly take your few minutes to complete. If you still want something more, you can even download the fish and corals wallpaper from the Microsoft store also.

Push video wallpaper

It is one of the best animated backgrounds for Windows that makes it quite easier to set any of your videos as desktop wallpaper. If you love to explore the video files of your especially of your vacations or some functions or landscape videos, it is the way that refreshes up your memories every time you work on your desktop. One of the best things about this wonderful animated background is that it comes up with easy to use controls. You are free to stop, pause, reverse or rewind the video of your choice any time you want. Moreover, users are also free to enjoy the sound controls here also.

Sticky notes desktop

If you often forgot things and are willing to stay connected with your schedules, Sticky notes desktop is one of the great options you can choose on. The interface being provided by this animated background is quite easy to use and handle. You can make use of this animated background for sticking notes all around the edge of your monitors with integrated tools.


 If you just have gone bored while handing up the documents, files, and shortcuts on your computer system, Fences is one of the best animated backgrounds for Windows, you must try on. It is one of the leading animated backgrounds that bring up a fresh feel to your computer system by providing a higher level of organization. This live wallpaper comes up with an easily customizable option that makes it easy to configure your fences very conveniently.

Widgets HD

In case if you are willing to enjoy that feeling of Windows 7 again on your Windows 10, this animated background option is something you can try your hands on. The app provides you multiple gadgets that make it easy to customize your wallpaper as per your preferences.

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