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By | October 21, 2019

The popularity of podcasts has been increased rapidly in the past few years. It is actually a great way to explore the world of information in deep. You can listen to the experts and can take notes on them by downloading the audio content over there. Due to the massive presence of Android podcasts apps out there, it really gets quite difficult for android users to select the best one. Helping you out in the same, we are here providing you the best android podcast app for you.

best Android Podcast App  download

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the leading podcasts options among android users in the market. The number of Pocket Casts users is consistently raising and the reason is the wonderful features and the consistent upgrading it offers to the users. it is one of the finest podcasts apps being available in the market that offers you various wonderful features like audio effects, on the fly episode streaming support, easy and automatic episode syncing between Android and iOS devices, scheduled downloading when not in use and much more. Users are free to enjoy streaming here straight from your device to Chromecast and that too without making any extra effort on the same. This android auto compatible app is absolutely safe and secures to use on. All the subscriptions being involved here are being stored in the cloud and the content can be easily accessed without requiring your android device also.


It is a free and best android podcast app that offers users the opportunity of unlimited hosting. The app offers you the freedom of not only downloading or streaming your favorite podcasts only. In fact, you are free here to do a lot from your part also. You can record audios here, publish them on various platforms and can import audios from various other devices for uploading also. Coming up with quite an intuitive interface, the app can be easily used and handled without making many efforts. The interface is quite neat in terms of the business model and hence one can start up making money with it also and that too without making any investments on it.

Player FM

Player FM is another one of the leading and most trending names in the list of best android podcast app that have made it quite easier to explore the world of podcasting through its content discovery tools. The app mainly focuses on the usage of topics perfectly. Player FM comes up in a very user-friendly and interactive interface that one can easily handle hassle-free. You just have to tell the app about your interests and it will perfectly take care of the rest. One of the fine things about this app is that there is no involvement of any ads. The app is being designed to automatic sync between the other android devices and web apps. It can perfectly import and export OPML while keeping the customized themes, volume, sleep timer and offline storage at the higher end. It is a premium app and requires subscriptions to get started with.


Explore the world of best android podcast apps for your android with Castbox and make your experience much exciting. Castbox is a free app but if someone is willing to explore the features more here, they are free to opt for the premium version also just by spending out about $1.99 here. Multilingual support is one of the finest things about this podcast app that enabled people around the globe to use it hassle-free. The app supports more than 70 languages. Moreover, the app is also featured with various advanced features like language learning podcasts, Chromecast support, Amazon Echo support and much more. Users are free to enjoy here cloud syncing without requiring multiple devices to enable it.


Stitcher comes up in free and premium versions and offers a great on-demand internet radio services to the users. It is one of the leading android podcasts apps that you can use for stitching all of your favorite podcasts together into one long Radio-Esque marathon. You can easily use the app for easy interpreting with the actual radio content and can get access over a wide range of new radio shows also. At the end of the day, it is said to be the best android podcast app.

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