iMessage for Windows PC using different solutions

iMessage has turned to be the topmost messaging platform that even had beat WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger in popularity as well. Fully loaded with multiple features like P2P money transfer, superior encryption, digital touch and a huge collection of movies, iMessage has made it quite easy to break up the shackle. Chat service is really amazing with mindblowing experience. The only thing that annoys users is that it is only an Apple-only app. Here we are going to have a look at different solutions to use iMessage for Windows.

iMessage for Windows solutions

If being a Window user, you want to explore the world of iMessage, it will surely get much difficult for you. still of having so much of difficulties one can comfortably chat from Widows PC using iMessage and for enabling it all you need to have is third party access. Just calm down your cravings and take advantage of this wonderful platform.

Till Apple announces the release of iMessage for Windows PC, we are here going to provide you a working process to run it effectively. Just make sure to follow on the provided procedure very carefully so that you can acquire positive results from it.

How to use iMessage for Windows PC?

Solution 1: Using a Mac device

  • Before proceeding further with the process, make sure to have a working Mac device with preinstalled iMessage on it and a personal computer with Windows also.
  • Launch a web browser from both of the computers i.e. Mac and PC and download the Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop for them.
  • Go with the installation process very carefully and once done, tap on the launch app option to open it on your device.
  • Now enable the downloading process of Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer on your Mac device and once it accomplishes successfully, allow it to install on your Mac device also. It is the easiest process to get access over another computer using chrome browser. Moreover, you can help the tool for accessing your different apps and files effortlessly as well.
  • A code will be delivered to you on your registered email ID. Just use this code to connect both of the computer systems effectively.
  • Once done with the above process successfully, start enjoying iMessage on your Windows computer effectively.

Solution 2: Using iPadian App

The above method we have mentioned above works efficiently when we are having both Mac and Windows PC to access. But the situation really gets very annoying when we don’t owe a Mac device. In such situations, iPadian app for Windows PC serves as a real savior for you. It is actually an emulator that enables the third-party access by creating a virtual iOS ecosystem on your Windows devices. For downloading iMessage for Windows PC using iPadian app, all you have to do is:

Steps to follow

  • Launch the web browser of your PC and search and download for the option of iPadian emulator from it.
  • Tap on the install button to allow installation of .exe file on your PC.
  • Once done, now run the emulator and then accept the terms and conditions being mentioned there along with it.
  • Wait for the installation process to get completed and once it’s done successfully, launch the iPadian software on your Windows PC.
  • Search for the option of iMessage in the search bar and then download the iMessage app on your Windows PC.
  • Wait and then launch the app on your Windows PC and start accessing it to enjoy its maiden experience.


iMessage for Windows have been improved a lot in the past few years and that is the reason why people have started asking how to get it on their PC as well. Coming up with a wide range of features, the app is quite impressive and user-friendly to work in. we have put on above the two different mentions to get access over iMessage on Windows.

In-depth analysis of CBS Sports Fantasy Football in 2020

Welcome to the most popular CBS Sports Fantasy Football Challenge which allows the players to create their own 12-team and join the already started or existing league. It is also possible to start or join the head-to-head fantasy league. Based on your skill level, you can find numerous fantasy leagues available for the users to participate in. Most of the leagues will describe the player type to recruit for the league such as Dolphins Fans, Beginners, Experts, etc and it is much easier to identify the best league for you to join.

You need to understand the entire rules drafted for each challenge. In case if you prefer to play the game using your customized rules then check with the Commissioner Service of CBS Sports Fantasy Football for further assistance. The wireless service subscriber can utilize the wireless, tablet device, or a mobile phone to access the challenge. Make use of the Challenge Period to join the challenges. As per your wireless carrier’s Service Agreement with Terms & Conditions, you will be charged with the data rates.

CBS Sports Fantasy Football 2020

Commissioner Service

The League Commissioner will be core responsible to manage and as well as coordinate the CBS Sports Fantasy Football league. CBSI (CBS Interactive Inc.) will offer the Commissioner Service for entire leagues and also responsible to resolve any alleged rules violations, any unbalanced trades, or anything else. Fantasy Football will provide the best opportunity to customize your own team and also execute them with professional football players. Across the NFL, you can choose the best players from the available list to create a team.

It is also possible to receive the reward points with regards to the team player’s performance during each week’s football season in NFL games. Within the league, you can play against other teams, sign for free agents, reject or accept trades, propose, and set lineups. You can also create your own league matches by grouping a team along with your friends. Even other team members on the site will allow you to identify the best league to play. You can find numerous games based on your skill level.


Inappropriate League Communication – It is much easier to communicate with league owners through Chat Room, League Email address, League News area, and League & Fantasy Message Boards. Most of them will avoid sending or posting messages from offensive construed to other league owners. Inappropriate communication will include various spamming with other owners of league teams for trading offers, a message board with posting various messages, and even utilizing the inappropriate team names or league names.

If the CBS Interactive Term of Use & specified guidelines are not able to abide by the league team owners then the CBI will have the entire authority to terminate the team owner’s communication and ability within the league.


CBSI (CBS Interactive Inc.) will not allow permitting more than 2 owners to work together in the same league for one team performance with the other expenses. For instance, one team can drop the players, creating one-sided trades, and even picking the dropped players, etc.

Multiple Teams

The CBS Sports Fantasy Football league could be more competitive while the owners are allowed to have only one team to participate within the league.

General Sportsmanship

If you are participating in the league games then you should agree to the fantasy football game rules in general along with fairness rules and general sportsmanship. You also need to accept the decisions and rules of CBSI with fairness and sportsmanship. If the team owner does not rely on the fairness and sportsmanship with the CBSI or Official Rules then he can act as an unfair manner or unsportsmanlike. Even the CBSI will reserve the entire right to qualify or disqualify the owner or also remove the same from the league teams. The CBSI decisions with fairness related matters and sportsmanship will be final.

Adding & Removing Players


The Waiver process can be utilized by entire owners with equal opportunity to include or remove the players within their roster. If the players that are requested on the Waivers list will not be immediately executed and need to set in a pending status. The list of available players will not be in the Waivers list and need to wait for 5 minutes before the respective game’s scheduled start time.

The list of available players under the “Bye” group of the Waivers list needs to wait 5 minutes before the last week’s game’s scheduled start time. Any transaction about a player to be available under the player pool or on the roster will be on or locked for Waivers and need to be placed under the pending status group until you process the following week of the waiver process.

If a new player added to the player pool is available under the Waiver’s group and also subject to follow the league’s Waiver process. The same players can be requested by multiple teams and also allowed by the Waiver process. CBSI will process the entire pending requests during the weeknights with 1:00 AM to 4:00 AM ET (Eastern Time). The requests will be processed in the order with regard to each team’s Waiver rank. You can refer to the official website to know the NFL player’s Waiver list and their respective status.

Free Agents

The entire season, it is required by each team to modify their roster by including the available free agents and also drop the non-performing players as per your expectations. At any time, you can submit a request to get a free agent. The requested players expect on the Waiver’s free agents list will be executed immediately with first-come & first-serve basis. With transaction fees and two exceptions, the owners are allowed to add or remove unlimited free agents upon their request. The First exception for free agents will allow the owner to add or remove the players from his or her entire team, which is referred to as “Team Dropping”.

Team Dropping will have a league’s negative impact and not allowed within the league. This action will reduce the team points and also block the team owner from taking any additional players into their team for the entire season. Even CBSI will allow the team to dismissal the players from the league. Players included from the free agency or chosen from the Waivers list can be listed under the dropping team at their discretion. It is also not possible to reset the Waiver ranks. The weekly lineups used within the challenge will make any changes to offer a special effect to the weekly games. The second exception will be considered about the Waiver process abuse.

CBSI Help Center

If a series of players are added by the team owner and suddenly removes the same to list under the Waiver’s group to make them inaccessible or not allowed to add by other team owners. This action will reduce the team points and also block the team owner from taking any additional players into their team for the entire season. Even CBSI will allow the team to dismissal the players from the league. You can contact the CBSI Help Center to know further information about these two exceptions. The list of available free agents will not be in the Waivers list and need to wait for 5 minutes before the respective game’s scheduled start time.

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How to take a screenshot in Windows 10 Operating System

A Screenshot is also referred to as a screen grab or screen capture; your computer display will show its content as a digital image. It is one of the common screenshots that is created by the software executing on your device or the operating system. The screen capture or screenshot is also created by capturing an image of your computer screen. Your computer’s desktop screen is saved in the format of a graphics file. Well, here the discussion is all about to know how to take screenshot windows 10 as per requirement.

how to take screenshot windows 10 2020

Numerous programs are available across the online platform for capturing the screenshots and much easier to perform without using any special software or program. If you prefer to take a screenshot of your computer desktop screen or any other screens then Windows 10 operating system will offer various methods to perform this task. There are multiple common techniques to be followed for taking a specific part of your screen or entire screen of your Windows 10 desktop.

Take a Screenshot using PrtScn Key on Windows 10 OS

The simplest and easiest method to save your Windows computer screen is by simply pressing the “PrtScn – Print Screen” key on your keyboard. This PrtScn key is located near the top right-hand side corner or even near the Function (F) keys. A few keyboards will prompt the users to press the PrtScn key (Print Screen) along with the Function keys to capture the Windows screen. It will copy the entire screen or information to the clipboard and paste the same to other applications. It is also possible to utilize several modifier keys for changing the key work process.

PrtScn several variations with Windows features

PrtScn + Windows Keys – This key combination will capture the entire screen and save as an image file. It is possible to browse and locate the images under the Screenshots subfolder under the “Pictures” main folder.

Windows Key + Shift Key + S Key – It will change the mouse pointer and also dim the screen. You can drag the mouse to choose your preferred or specific screen portion to take a screenshot. It will copy the information to the clipboard and paste the same to another application or program. This key combination will work only for Windows 10 latest version and commonly referred to as Windows 10 Creators Update.

PrtScn + Alt Key – You can use the PrtScn + Alt key combination to capture a quick snapshot of your active window screen. It will copy the information to the clipboard and need to access an image editor program or application to save it.

PrtScn Key – Simply pressing this key (PrtScn) will copy the entire desktop or active window screen to the clipboard. Users can paste the same to any applications or programs to display images such as Microsoft Word, MS Paint, etc.

Take a Screenshot using the Snipping Tool program on Windows 10 OS

Microsoft application will offer a more flexible and efficient screenshot utility named Snipping Tool on Windows 10 operating system. This program can be used to take a screenshot and also save the same as a digital or image file without pasting the same to another application or program. Follow the below-provided instructions to take a screenshot using the Snipping Tool program:

  • Access the Windows Start Menu to launch the Snipping Tool program.
  • From the drop-down Mode, you need to select your preferred screenshot shape. You can find various shapes like free-form, rectangular, full screen, etc.
  • Press the New icon and it will freeze your active window screen. Create a screenshot by using the mouse pointer. Your active screenshot will display under the Snipping Tool program.
  • This program will also allow the users to include a tooltip after using the mouse movement. Make use of the Delay menu to specify the waiting time to take a screenshot.
  • After taking the screenshot, utilize the Drawing tools for annotating any information on the screenshot.
  • Once it is done, you can access the File menu and press the “Save As” option to store the completed screen capture to your Windows computer.
  • Make use of the Copy icon (that is available within the Snipping Tool program) that appears two pages overlaid to another one and copy the same to the clipboard.

Take a Screenshot using the Game Bar on Windows 10 OS

The overlay option named as Game Bar can be used within the Windows games to record videos and as well as capture the screenshots. Follow the below instructions to take a screenshot using the Game Bar feature:

  • Launch your preferred game from the Xbox Console Companion program or from the Start menu.
  • During the gameplay, press the G key + Windows keys to showcase the overlay Game Bar.
  •  You can capture a screenshot using the key combinations (PrtScn + Alt + Windows keys) or make use of the Camera icon.

It will automatically save the screenshot to the “Captures” subfolder under the “Videos” main folder. If you are using a Steam to play the game then press the F11 key to grab a screenshot. Under the Screenshots folder on Steam, you can view the screenshot.

Take a Screenshot using the Volume Down & Windows Logo keys on Windows 10 OS

If you are working in a Microsoft Surface device and utilize the physical buttons to grab the entire screenshot. It is similar to capture a screenshot on your tablet or mobile phone. To perform this task, you can press & hold the Windows Logo key on the Microsoft Surface device screen and simultaneously press the Volume down key to take a screenshot. It will dim the screen briefly and automatically save the screenshot to the “Screenshots” subfolder under the “Pictures” folder.

Take a Screenshot using the Snip & Sketch Tool program on Windows 10 OS

It is much easier to access and also share the screenshots using the Snip & Sketch tool program. However, it lacks some important features when compared to the Snipping Tool program. Access the New icon within the Snip & Sketch window and initiate the screen capture using the upper-left button. The window will automatically disappear and place a tiny menu near the top right-side screen corner and allow the user to select the screenshot type of their preferred ones like full-screen, free-form, or rectangular.

When compared to the Snipping Tool program, it is not possible to take the screenshot of your desktop window or screen. Make use of the down-arrow icon and press the New icon within the Snip & Sketch window for a time delay for 3 to 10 seconds. Once it is done, the screenshot will automatically load to your Snip & Sketch Tool. It is much easier to annotate the screenshot using the pen, pencil, or even other tools that are located near the top right side of the window. You can also copy the screenshot to the clipboard for easy annotations.

Take a Screenshot using the Command Prompt program on Windows 10 OS

It is also possible to utilize the Command prompt program to grab a screenshot on your Windows 10 operating system. This is another easier and quicker method to follow for taking a screenshot and get a solution for how to take screenshot windows 10. Follow the below-provided instructions:

  • First of all, you need to download and install the free utility named NirCmd (that is available across the online platform) on your computer.
  • Install this free utility using the Administrator account. On the NirCmd pop-up window by allowing to copy the files to your Windows Directory.
  • From the Start menu, access the Command Prompt program using the Windows Admin account.
  • Type the following command nircmd.exe save screenshot “Drive:\examplescreenshot.png”

Drive field can be used to replace with your preferred drive (for e.g. C, D, or E) and “examplescreenshot.png” filename can be replaced with your favorite name to save the screenshot. You can find this free utility from any one of the trustworthy websites or reliable sources.

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Idea Balance Check Online and different methods to check in 2020

The Idea is currently partnered along with Vodafone service provider to offer its services in India. This telecom company will hold a total of 14% users from 100%. Idea Balance Check Online services are utilized by its users to check the main balance and as well as the internet balance. Currently, it has the updated USSD codes for Idea users and they can simply utilize the USSD codes or make use of the Idea Mobile App to check the internet (data) balance and main balance. You can refer to this article to understand how to check the balance inquiry with the proper information using the USSD codes.

Idea Balance Check Online 2020

Idea Balance Check Online – Prepaid Customers

Idea prepaid mobile users can utilize the prepaid Idea Balance Check Online with extensive importance for Idea. Moreover, the Idea Cellular is one of the subsidiaries for Aditya Birla Group of companies that offers a dominant presence and located in numerous countries around the globe. This company is one of the most important top players across the Indian market and also offers the best cellular network connectivity to its users. The Idea can offer both postpaid and as well as prepaid services across multiple circles with 4G, 3G, and 2G connectivity’s across the Indian market.

It also offers a wide range of vouchers and plans to offer different requirement types to meet the user’s usage. Idea prepaid mobile users will need to have a perfect idea for checking their main balance and internet (data) balance in their mobile number at any time to recharge the balance quickly based on their requirements. The online recharge feature is also supported by Idea and takes the simple steps to recharge.

Before the recharge procedure is initiated, you need to clearly understand the main balance on your existing Idea number and know when to recharge within a day or two. The Idea prepaid customers can use the simple steps to know the exact information about their available data & main balance on their mobile.

Idea Balance Check Online using USSD & Online Methods

It is much easier and simple to check your Idea prepaid main balance & data balance using the Idea Mobile app. This app will provide you with more information such as Loan, Internet (data) balance, Main balance, and many more. It is one of the easiest methods to check your balance online using your Android mobile phone and as well as the mobile app installed on your mobile phone.

However, most of the Indian users will not have an Android phone for checking their Idea balance using the Mobile app. However, to overcome this issue, the users can utilize the simple steps to check your Idea balance. You can refer to this below-provided information to check your Idea’s data balance and main balance.

Idea Balance Check using USSD Codes

You can use the following USSD codes to check your Idea internet and main balance:

Account Balance Check – *457# or *456#

3G Data Balance Check – *121*4*3*1#

2G Data Balance Check – *121*4*3*2#

SMS Balance Check – *161*1# or *451#

Loan Balance Check – *150*10#

Internet Balance Check – *125#

Main Balance Check – *121# or *123#

Methods to check the Idea Main Balance

If you prefer to check or get the main balance (i.e. Talk time) of your existing Idea mobile number then you need to dial the provided USSD code to know the balance information. There are numerous USSD codes to utilize to check the different balances. You can access the online websites to get the entire list of available USSD codes to check your account balances. However, you can follow the below-provided methods to check your Idea main balance:

  • Your Idea prepaid mobile number can be used to check the existing main balance by dialing the USSD code *121# on your mobile phone and follow the IVR (Integrated Voice Recording or Automated Voice Recording) to know your existing main balance.
  • Your Idea prepaid mobile number’s internet balance can be checked by dialing the USSD code *125#. This code can be used to check both 3G and as well as 2G Internet connectivity.
  • Your prepaid mobile number is used to check the SMS balance availability by dialing the USSD code *451# and follow the IVR (Integrated Voice Recording or Automated Voice Recording) to know your existing SMS balance.
  • Dial the USSD code *147# on your existing Idea mobile number to contact the Idea Self Care. It is also possible to access your My Account page to know your balance details and as well as other information.
  • Moreover, you can also contact the Idea prepaid Customer Support team to know your existing main balance information.

The above-provided USSD code to check the Idea prepaid main balance and it is useful to know the same at any time and anywhere. It is a simple process and completes it within a few seconds. The users of Idea prepaid connection will advise to check the main balance details by internet browsing session or dialing a call. You can get this helpful information with an updated balance on your mobile. As per your requirements, it is possible to recharge within the expiry date and never run out of your main balance to enjoy the service without any interruptions.

Methods to check the Idea Internet Balance

Currently, Idea Service provider offers 3 different Internet recharge types for their users: 4G, 3G, and 2G. With the help of a single USSD code, you can access the entire internet balances to fetch your available internet balance and as well as the available data plans. You can follow the below-provided methods to check the internet (data) balance or GPRS balance:

  • Make use of the USSD Code *121*4*3*2# to check your 2G connectivity internet balance.
  • The entire Internet balance details can be fetched using a single USSD code provided by the Idea Company.
  • You can check the Idea Internet balance by dialing the following USSD code *125#.
  • If you prefer to know the Idea Internet (Data) GPRS settings on your mobile phone then you can send a message like “SET” to 12345 USSD code.
  • Make use of the USSD Code *121*4*3*1# to check your 2G connectivity internet balance.

Contacting Customer Support Team to get Idea Balance Information

You can contact the Idea Customer Support Team to resolve your complaints & queries through a call or an email. The Customer Care department can be contacted through the Toll-free number from your existing Idea mobile number or even utilize the other mobile networks as well.

Email address of Idea Customer Support Team – [email protected]

Idea Customer Care Helpline Number – 1800-270-0000.

Toll-free Number – 198 (The Toll-free number for Idea Customer Care Department).

Idea Customer Care Number – 12345 (It is chargeable for contacting the Customer care department).

It is much easier and simple to get the Idea Balance Check Online & internet (data) balance by using the Toll-free number of Customer Care, Idea Customer Care Number, and USSD codes.

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Best Animated Backgrounds for Windows in 2020

Are you willing to improve the looks of your Windows 10? Are you willing to upload a static animated background for Windows?

If yes, this guide will lead you towards the best one. You might have seen someone’s desktop with live wallpaper or animated backgrounds. It seems interesting, right? Animated backgrounds are actually the things that offer a feel of realism and make your computer screen even more interesting. Before going further with the animated background options, we would like to clear one thing that such features consume a lot of space on your Windows and if you are feeling short of space on your Windows, you are not supposed to get such options over there. We are here with the best animated backgrounds for Windows that will simply make your computer screen even more interesting.

best animated backgrounds for Windows 2020


It is one of the leading names in the list of best animated backgrounds for Windows that offers an amazing look to your desktop. Rainmeter is highly customisable app where you can easily use number of widgets and features. Users are absolutely free here to enjoy number of features, widgets, skins and much more. Interface is quite simple and easy to go on. You just have to navigate the instructions being provided there on the screen. Moreover, you can also collect information like a variety of stats, computer systems, social feeds, and stock quotes, etc. from the right side of your desktop.

Sim Aquarium 3

If you love to explore the aquatic life, Sim Aquarium 3 is an animated background you must try on your Windows. The slow-moving fishes and the gurgling sounds really look quite amazing. The interface and configuration are quite easier and will hardly take your few minutes to complete. If you still want something more, you can even download the fish and corals wallpaper from the Microsoft store also.

Push video wallpaper

It is one of the best animated backgrounds for Windows that makes it quite easier to set any of your videos as desktop wallpaper. If you love to explore the video files of your especially of your vacations or some functions or landscape videos, it is the way that refreshes up your memories every time you work on your desktop. One of the best things about this wonderful animated background is that it comes up with easy to use controls. You are free to stop, pause, reverse or rewind the video of your choice any time you want. Moreover, users are also free to enjoy the sound controls here also.

Sticky notes desktop

If you often forgot things and are willing to stay connected with your schedules, Sticky notes desktop is one of the great options you can choose on. The interface being provided by this animated background is quite easy to use and handle. You can make use of this animated background for sticking notes all around the edge of your monitors with integrated tools.


 If you just have gone bored while handing up the documents, files, and shortcuts on your computer system, Fences is one of the best animated backgrounds for Windows, you must try on. It is one of the leading animated backgrounds that bring up a fresh feel to your computer system by providing a higher level of organization. This live wallpaper comes up with an easily customizable option that makes it easy to configure your fences very conveniently.

Widgets HD

In case if you are willing to enjoy that feeling of Windows 7 again on your Windows 10, this animated background option is something you can try your hands on. The app provides you multiple gadgets that make it easy to customize your wallpaper as per your preferences.

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How to install Hungry Shark APK on Android device

Do you love action games? Are you ready to enjoy the world of gaming with the best Hungry Sharks? If yes, then install Hungry Shark APK on your device now to enjoy the best experience. Games are the best things one can do for entertainment purposes. Everyone wants to have the best gaming apps on their devices and that is why the competition also has been raised to a greater extent now. Hundreds of apps and games are being launched daily globally, but only a very few of them are there that won the place in millions of smartphones globally. If you are also eager to get the best one, just enjoy the extreme experience with Hungry Sharks APK.

Download hungry sharp apk

What is Hungry Shark APK?

It is one of the finest frantic ocean rampages that include a very simple and inclusive interface to play on. Users are free to enjoy the various levels of the game without paying anything for that. The 3D graphics are quite impressive and everyone here is surely going to love with it. Moreover, the overall looks of the game seem to be premium. Sound effects are also quite amazing and offer you the feel of realism. One of the best things about Hungry Shark APK is that there are no boundary limitations on this game. Users are free here to enjoy the game from every corner of the globe any time they want. So, now explore the new underwater world and evolve iconic sharks.

Features of Hungry Shark APK

It is one of the action-packed aquatic adventures that will help you in enjoying the seamless experience of gaming. If you are willing to explore more the world of features, here are the topmost for you:

  • It is the leading action-packed aquatic adventurous game.
  • It offers you the freedom of exploring dozens of unique sharks and other fantastic creatures.
  • Users are free to explore the open world both on water and underwater.
  • Graphics and sound effects are quite amazing and offer users the feel of realism.
  • Users can explore and devour the mysterious world of creatures.
  • If required, you can even recruit the baby sharks to improve your predatory powers.
  • Various advanced features like lasers, jetpacks and top hats are also available to enjoy.
  • Users are free here to search and collect the sunken bonus objects on the seal level.
  • You can even sink your teen into loads of challenging missions also.
  • If you want to survive long in the game you can even activate Gold Rush in the game. It also adds up some more into your scores.
  • Users can even win limited edition prizes just by taking part in regular in-game events.
  • Attacks and the controls are being tilted and intuitive.
  • It is an offline platform that one can easily play anywhere any time they want without requiring any internet connection to have on.
  • Users can easily synchronize into the game on their android devices without any hassle.
  • It is an android app that runs perfectly well on android versions 4.1 or higher.
  • Users are free to purchase gems and coin currency and can even make upgrades and accessories without making many efforts.

How to install Hungry Shark APK?

Hungry Shark APK is an android based app and is being available there on the Google Play Store. If you want you can easily download it from the official app store absolutely for free.

  • Launch your Google Play Store and search for the option of Hungry Shark APK from there.
  • Select the latest version of the app and tap on the Install button to get started with.
  • Wait till the download process completes and once done it will get automatically installed on your home screen.
  • Users can easily access the app from the app icon being available there on your home screen.

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Top android launchers for your device to customize in 2019

In recent years, the dominance of android when compared to other OS is clearly visible. Well, the main reason is where anybody can easily access it without any hassles in a short period of time. Also, it offers the customization chances to the users without any hassles. For information, one should keep it in mind that the mobile launchers are considered to be one of the essential customizable things when it comes to android. One should keep it in mind that without the android launchers, android devices are said to be fatal.

Best android launchers app

Well, it has the potential to contain all the apps in the catalog as well as home screen on your android device. It is the main reason each and every device mainly comes up with the support of default launcher which is also installed earlier. So, people who all are looking for the best android launchers for a long time, then without going for a second thought go ahead with the below discussion.

Evie Launcher

Basically, the launcher is mainly designed for better performance. At the same time, it is also considered to be one of the best and faster launchers of android. Most of the users are also claiming that it offers loads of smoothness in general. From one place, you can get an opportunity to search within the apps at any time. For information, it mainly comes up with the possible range of customizations as well as screen shortcuts. When it comes to customization, you can handle with folder grid and app drawer at any time.


On the other side, this launcher is mainly said to be the best and stunning launcher app which is comprised of a huge number of themes as well as icon packs where you can download it from a store. At the same time, one should keep it in mind that this launcher is said to be the lightweight launcher for android device. Well, this launcher is mainly optimized for both the tablets as well as SmartPhones. The best thing about this launcher is where you can add more customizable home screens and proceed further to hide the apps in app drawer which doesn’t require for you.

In case, if you want to explore more features than expected, then without going for a second thought, you can move ahead with the pro version to download and install.

Smart Launcher 5

It is mainly said to be the lightweight as well as a fast android launcher application for the users. For information, the app drawer is consisting of a sidebar which mainly helps to split the apps as per the categories. On the other side, if you see the setup process, then it will be asking for the default applications that you are utilizing it. So, you will not get irritated by witnessing the default app pop-ups in general. For information, it also mainly has an ultra-immersive mode where the user can get an opportunity to hide the navigation bar in order to get more screen space.

In case, if you want to explore more features, then without any issues, you can go ahead with pro version at any time. However, you can even utilize the free version to its maximum at any time.

Niagara Launcher

If you are an android user, then this could be the best choice where you can have a look at minimalistic launcher with reasonable options to experience it. Also, it is considered to be one of the best and fastest launchers where anybody can download it by visiting the Google PlayStore at any time. Well, this launcher is focused on the de-cluttering the space of android. Even you need to know that the application is mainly coming up with no any irritating ads. Also, it is said to be the lightweight android launchers app which works smoothly even on the lower-end devices at any time.

ADW Launcher 2

When it comes to this android launchers app, then it is completely fast and stable. At the same time, it is easy for people to use. If you see the User-interface, then it mainly looks like a stock android in general. Well, it mainly comes up with a great feature in order to change the color of interface as per the wallpaper. Even you can have a look at icon badges and experience the best features which are involved in it. So, people who want to get this launcher app, then it is possible to get it for free.

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Explore the best Android Podcast App to download

The popularity of podcasts has been increased rapidly in the past few years. It is actually a great way to explore the world of information in deep. You can listen to the experts and can take notes on them by downloading the audio content over there. Due to the massive presence of Android podcasts apps out there, it really gets quite difficult for android users to select the best one. Helping you out in the same, we are here providing you the best android podcast app for you.

best Android Podcast App  download

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is one of the leading podcasts options among android users in the market. The number of Pocket Casts users is consistently raising and the reason is the wonderful features and the consistent upgrading it offers to the users. it is one of the finest podcasts apps being available in the market that offers you various wonderful features like audio effects, on the fly episode streaming support, easy and automatic episode syncing between Android and iOS devices, scheduled downloading when not in use and much more. Users are free to enjoy streaming here straight from your device to Chromecast and that too without making any extra effort on the same. This android auto compatible app is absolutely safe and secures to use on. All the subscriptions being involved here are being stored in the cloud and the content can be easily accessed without requiring your android device also.


It is a free and best android podcast app that offers users the opportunity of unlimited hosting. The app offers you the freedom of not only downloading or streaming your favorite podcasts only. In fact, you are free here to do a lot from your part also. You can record audios here, publish them on various platforms and can import audios from various other devices for uploading also. Coming up with quite an intuitive interface, the app can be easily used and handled without making many efforts. The interface is quite neat in terms of the business model and hence one can start up making money with it also and that too without making any investments on it.

Player FM

Player FM is another one of the leading and most trending names in the list of best android podcast app that have made it quite easier to explore the world of podcasting through its content discovery tools. The app mainly focuses on the usage of topics perfectly. Player FM comes up in a very user-friendly and interactive interface that one can easily handle hassle-free. You just have to tell the app about your interests and it will perfectly take care of the rest. One of the fine things about this app is that there is no involvement of any ads. The app is being designed to automatic sync between the other android devices and web apps. It can perfectly import and export OPML while keeping the customized themes, volume, sleep timer and offline storage at the higher end. It is a premium app and requires subscriptions to get started with.


Explore the world of best android podcast apps for your android with Castbox and make your experience much exciting. Castbox is a free app but if someone is willing to explore the features more here, they are free to opt for the premium version also just by spending out about $1.99 here. Multilingual support is one of the finest things about this podcast app that enabled people around the globe to use it hassle-free. The app supports more than 70 languages. Moreover, the app is also featured with various advanced features like language learning podcasts, Chromecast support, Amazon Echo support and much more. Users are free to enjoy here cloud syncing without requiring multiple devices to enable it.


Stitcher comes up in free and premium versions and offers a great on-demand internet radio services to the users. It is one of the leading android podcasts apps that you can use for stitching all of your favorite podcasts together into one long Radio-Esque marathon. You can easily use the app for easy interpreting with the actual radio content and can get access over a wide range of new radio shows also. At the end of the day, it is said to be the best android podcast app.

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Best free YouTube to MP3 converter in 2019

In general, most of people are excited about listening to music at various occasions due to various reasons. Usually, some people may interest in watching music videos on YouTube as well. However, there is no option to download the video to MP3. At this stage, you can search it for converters that are available across the internet. If you are really struggling to choose the best converters, then the below discussion will be related to that. Yes, you can follow the list of converters to get free YouTube to MP3 converter without any hassles.

best free YouTube to MP3 converter

1. Coverto

It is absolutely free for the users to access. With the availability of simple design, one can get an opportunity to use in a better way. This converter is not only allowing you to download the audio but also help the user to download video as well. When it comes to accessing this converter, then you don’t require any installation process. Also, it is simple for the users to access this free YouTube to MP3 converter by following the simple options available in it. 

2. Online video converter

This amazing converter is coming up with the support of a simple interface where anybody can easily access it without any hassles. Well, this could be the web-based video converter where one can download the video to MP3 at any time. If you are looking forward to accessing, then it doesn’t require any registration process in general. While handling this converter, you will not witness any annoying ads in between. This converter can be used in Android without any issues. 

3. aTube Catcher

If you are searching for another converter, then without going for a second thought, one can choose aTube catcher at any time. The converter is not only allowing the users to convert files to MP3 but also assist the user in downloading videos as well as any audio formats without any issues. While handling this converter, make sure to use adware to avoid ads in between. 

4. YTD Video downloader 

It has the player where you can view the video which you are planning to convert into MP3. Generally, this downloader is coming up with resume and pause options for the better usage. It also has the potential to access batch processing tools where one can use for editing purpose. With limited features in free version, you can handle this downloader in a best way at any time. 

5. 4K Downloader 

This downloader is not having eye pleasing interface, but it will allow the users to complete the work in a quick time. When you are looking at free version, then the user can get an opportunity to download playlists up to limited videos. Also, one should keep it in mind that the user cannot download the playlist with subtitles. With no lack, this downloader offers a good result in terms of converting the YouTube video into MP3 that whenever required without any hassles.


It is also considered to be one of the best converters where you can make use of it. With the support of this web-based converter, you can save the video and convert it to MP3 file at any time. This converter is absolutely simple for the users to use. In order to convert, you must require an URL of the video to convert. One should keep it in mind that this free YouTube to MP3 converter is available only for YouTube. 

7. ClipGrab

This converter mainly has a simple user interface where one can easily access it. When you are looking forward to converting the video into MP3, then you can see the option to choose the right quality. By copy-pasting the URL of the video, you can get an opportunity to convert the video into MP3. With the support of this small converter, it is easy for you to get more MP3s. 

8. Convert2MP3

If you are looking forward to downloading the MP3 from different platforms like Dailymotion and others apart from YouTube, then this could be the best platform where you can make use of it. While handling this, you don’t require any registration process. 

9. Any video converter

The best thing about this converter is where you can rip from media sharing sites, discs as well as burn DVDs. Once started to access this converter, the user can also experience the best features which are involved in it. For instance, you can experience DRM protection removal and more. By purchasing the premium version, one can also enjoy more features. 

10. YouTubeMP3

When you are looking at this converter, you can witness that this converter has the best user interface with amazing features involved in it. In order to convert the video into MP3, it will also ask you to choose the compression rate. By following this process, one can expect the better quality that whenever required in this free YouTube to MP3 converter.

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Free FoxFi Key latest version install for android and its features

Basically, it is a tool which will help the user in order to activate Wi-Fi for internet sharing with the support of Hotspot. Basically, FoxFi is available in the Google PlayStore to download and install. But the thing is it will come up with limited features. Well, here we are going to share the free Foxfi key. The best thing is which will be supportive to access the paid app as well without any hassles. For information, Verizon users are mainly working on CDMA network which doesn’t contain access point. At this stage, the hotspot will not be created to share internet. 

On the other side, in order to share the respective stuff, USB mode can also use. Now, the free Foxfi key or PdaNet+ is highly required for enabling Wi-Fi hotspot. Before getting into the process of getting an application, it is necessary to check Foxfi and PdaNet+ supported device list. So, if you are the one who wants to download and install free Foxfi key, then search through trusted sources that whenever required. 

Free foxfi key apk

Features of Foxfi key latest version

The people must know more about the features which are available in it. Let’s have a look at some of the exciting features. 

  • The app doesn’t require any rooting process to utilize PdaNet+ for sharing an internet connection through USB and Wi-Fi. 
  • Utilize USB mode that supports all the devices for sharing internet on Mac or Windows.
  • With one click, you can block the respective user in a single click if he/she reached the limit.
  • By using Bluetooth mode, the user will get allowed to share the connection with other devices as well that too in a secure manner. 
  • You can share the internet connection through USB mode or Wi-Fi securely. 
  • Even on Verizon devices, the user can create Wi-Fi hotspot. 

Requirements of latest version free foxfi key

When getting into the download and installation process, you must be aware of the requirements. Yes, there are some requirements where you need to follow for a smoother installation process.

  • It requires Android version 2.2 and upper to utilize this application.
  • Your device should have at least 10 MB free memory space to install this app. 
  • Next, the internet connection is highly required. 
  • To run this application, your device must have a minimum of 256 MB RAM.

Install and activate FoxFi Key Apk on Android 

If you are interested in download FoxFi key on your android device, then make sure to follow the essential steps without skipping it. 

  • First of all, it is necessary for you to download free FoxFi key by searching the direct download link. 
  • Next, it is necessary for you to install PdaNet+ app by visiting the PlayStore. 
  • Once the installation is over, you may experience the trial version of this app. 
  • Now, it is the right time for you to install FoxFi key apk which you have already downloaded. 
  • At last, tap to open the file in order to activate it properly. 

These are the main steps that you need to follow for installing the app on an android device. 

Install FoxFi key for iOS 

If you would like to download the FoxFi key app for iOS, then go ahead with Tweakbox and search for this third party app. Once the installation is over, you need to follow the essential steps given below. 

  • It is the time for you to launch tweakbox and search for the apps option to pick that available at the top. 
  • Click to open the option Tweakbox apps.
  • Make sure to search for the respective Tweakbox apps option and tap to open. 
  • Now, it is essential for you to search for FoxFi key app to download and proceed further to install on an iOS device.
  • In order to tap on the install button, make sure to visit the Tweakbox interface. 
  • Once prompted, it is necessary for you to tap on Install. 
  • Wait for tweakbox to install FoxFi key
  • If the application is installed successfully, then one can witness the app icon which is displaying on the home screen. 
  • Now, you need to trust Fox fi key app profile for fixing the untrusted enterprise developer error. 
  • Follow the settings as well as General, and then proceed further to Profile & Device Management. 
  • Tap on the FoxFi key profile and click on trust. In case if again prompted, then tap on trust.
  • At last, free FoxFi key can access on iOS device. 

Note: While installing process, it is necessary for you to follow all the steps without skipping it. If these things are managed to follow, then the installation process will be completed in a smoother manner.